Help app for an Agoraphobian person

Welcome to AgorApp. Our main goal is to help with agoraphobia.


Do you get anxious to even see through the window? Do you have trouble leaving your house? Do social situations make you uneasy? Do you want to have a healthy life, leave home, and be in the company? Download Agorapp to help you overcome the fear of going out, to open spaces, and socialize quickly, efficiently, anonymously, and from the comfort of your home or office.


The app is portioned in to bite-sized chapters, with various challenges to getting you out of your comfort zone without any psychologist.

More About AgorApp

This application aims to defeat the agoraphobia. At the end of the application, the person who has agoraphobia will freely go out. According to the level of the user's daily tasks.


The user will be tasked with periods of up a total of 6 levels until the user finishes the app. At the end of the app, the user will ready to go to a psychologist about this situation.

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“I was very satisfied with my experience at AgorApp. Throughout it all, when I first started this journey, I did not know what I was going to do. Thanks for AgorApp, now I can go outside whatever I want. Highly recommended.”

Alice Schwarz


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